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 We are a family ranch located on 20 pastoral acres in Olympia, Washington.  We have bred  white German Shepherd bloodlines since 2008. Our dogs exercise by running around the ranch as we do our daily chores.  

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


This picture was taken shortly after weining the puppies.  All litters receive worming and vaccinations at regular intervals along with daily socialization with our family.

A Furever Friend


White German Shepherds can be trained or socialized into many different roles including: watchdog, sheep herding dog, or just a member of your family.  We have customers who have their dogs befriend cats and are friendly to strangers too.  It all depends on training.

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Customer Testimonials

Repeat Customer, Kitti Westbeld PhD

I wanted to write to tell you how loving and wonderful "orange" is.  She is Shadow Pearl!  I would like to find out about another puppy from you.  When will you have puppies for sale? 

Repeat Customer, Jeff Walters

 I just wanted to write you and tell you that this is an incredible animal. He is very kind and gentle and everyone in Portland asks me about him! It gets kinda rough when I have to walk a celebrity dog around town. Lol! I have given your companies name out to several folks here... If it gets to be too much please let me know and I will stop.  

Satisfied Customer, Ronae Jull

Thank you. Maia is a beautiful and well behaved dog that we're blessed to have as part of the family! 

Happy Customer, Daniel Stull

 Apollo is perfect! Thanks a lot guys. 

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. 

Heidenroslein German Shepherds LLC

4210 36th Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98516, US

(360) 810-0682

Litter Inquiries


Contract & Guarantee

This is a copy of the contract we will sign when you pick-up your puppy.



Breeder and/or Owner, Heidenröslein German Shepherds LLC, hereby transfers the ownership of the following identified puppy to the New Owner (s) on the date of ___________________________, 201__.

AKC Registration Number   _______________________________________________________

Identification (Call Name or Color of Collar)  ______________________________________________________________________________

Microchip (Type, Location and Number)   _______________________________________________________________________________

Birthdate, Sex and Markings   ______________________________________________________________________________

Sire _________________________________________________________________________________

Dam ___________________________________________________________________________________

New Owner/Co-Owner Name, Address and Phone Number (as it will appear on AKC/UKC registration):





This puppy is sold as   PET QUALITY   for the purchase price of   $_______________

This puppy is sold as   SHOW/BREEDING QUALITY   for the purchase price of   $_____________

All of our puppies have had their litter registered with the AKC and come with AKC registration applications.   New owner should permanently register all puppies with the AKC.   New owners must transfer the AKC registration into their name and the fee to the AKC is about $30.  We are proud of ALL the puppies we produce and hope that you will be proud that your puppy came from Heidenröslein German Shepherds LLC.   

PET QUALITY - If puppy is sold as pet quality, he/she cannot be used for breeding and must be spayed or neutered and must not be allowed to breed, even accidentally.  Males can breed as early as 6 months and females will come into heat at about 8 months.  Watch your puppy CLOSELY and be RESPONSIBLE! You will be given a COPY of your registration papers at time of sale. 

BREEDING/SHOW QUALITY - If puppy is sold as breeding/show quality, you will be given a full registration applicaton at time of sale and full registration.

Breeding and Show Quality puppies MUST BE x-rayed and are guaranteed to pass OFA/OVC or receive a report from Pennhip with no indication of dysplasia.  If a puppy comes back after two years of age with a report of sublaxation only, you must repeat the x-rays at a later time (at least 6 months after date of original x-ray) before determining that the puppy will not pass OFA/OVC.   If there is indication of "remodeling of the femoral head" or "shallow acetabelum", then there is no need to repeat the x-ray.  Puppies that do not pass OFA and receive a mild or moderate result of dysplasia are still able to lead a normal pet life and will be considered Pet Quality and a replacement puppy of Show Quality will be offered at half price.  Puppies who receive a report of severe dysplasia will be refunded a replacement puppy of Show/Breeding Quality free of charge.  Purchaser will be required to pay all related shipping costs to get the replacement puppy and to return the first puppy back to us if they do not want him/her.  They may keep the first puppy if they choose to.

Pet Quality Puppies who are diagnosed with hip or elbow dysplasia must also have reports sent to OFA to confirm diagnosis.   The dog must be in obvious pain and this must be documented by a veterinarian.  A replacement Pet Quality puppy will be offered at half price (for reports of mild and moderate).  If a Pet Quality puppy is diagnosed with severe dysplasia, a replacement Pet Quality puppy will be offered at no charge.    Just as in the case of Breeding/Show Quality puppies who come back with reports of sublaxation, a second report must be done at least 6 months later, to confirm dysplasia.  Often, a fast growing puppy will show sublaxated only to x-ray normal when he finishes growing.  Sublaxation (looseness) with no remodeling of the femoral head, does not cause pain and could be a temporary situation that will correct itself.

No refunds will be given for a report of Panosteoitis (growing pains), as this can be controlled by proper feeding and the puppy will outgrow it.


The new owner has 5 days from date of transfer of ownership to obtain a veterinary well puppy checkup from their veterinarian and provide Breeder with the Exam Results. All veterinarian costs must be paid for by the new owner.  If the puppy is found to be unhealthy (a written diagnosis from the veterinarian must be provided), the puppy may be exchanged for a puppy of equal value if available.  If a puppy of equal value is not available it may be returned for a FULL REFUND. No exchanges or refunds will be given after 5 days from date of transfer. 

As the Breeder of your new puppy, We have done everything we can to ensure that the health of your puppy is excellent. Understand that with genetics, and breeding dogs specifically, nothing is 100% guaranteed - although it is rare, even with the best of planning and breeding, undesirable genetic conditions do occur even out of normal, healthy parents. Your puppy is guaranteed to be suitable for the purpose of which he was purchased. If you have purchased a Pet Quality puppy and the puppy is diagnosed with a health condition that requires euthanasia or causes sudden death, you will be given a replacement puppy of equal value.  Please Note - at Breeder's expense, Breeder reserves the right to a second opinion prior to euthanasia.  If you do not give us this right to a second opinion, no replacement puppy will be offered.  If you have purchased a Breeding Quality puppy and the puppy has a genetic condition that allows him to live a healthy pet quality life, yet is something that should not be used in a breeding program, you will be allowed to choose a second puppy at half price (the difference between a pet quality puppy and a breeding quality puppy). A written diagnosis from a veterinarian must be provided and although the owners may keep the puppy, he/she must be spayed or neutered prior to receiving a replacement puppy and documentation of the altering must be provided to Breeder.  Please contact us BEFORE you spay or neuter the puppy to get our approval of a replacement puppy due.  If you have allowed the dog to breed, then you are accepting the dog to be in good health and suitable for breeding and no replacement guarantee will be honored.  All costs associated with returning a puppy to Breeder for replacement (if so desired, or you may keep the puppy if you wish) and having the replacement puppy shipped (if necessary) to Purchaser's location will be paid for by Purchaser.


New owners promise to provide puppy a kind and loving environment, with proper care and necessary veterinarian care. Puppy must be taken through an obedience/socialization class by 4- 6 months of age. I cannot stress enough, the importance of obedience class and socialization for a German Shepherd puppy. No guarantee will be honored without written documentation of completing the class. The personality of a puppy is well developed by 4-6 months of age and improper socialization (or lack of) can result in an overly anxious/or fearful puppy when attempting socialization as a much older pup or adult.  A well mannered puppy does NOT just happen, your puppy will become what you allow him to become.

Breeder may be contacted at any time for advice and concerns. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions about your puppy. An occasional update and picture of puppy would be greatly appreciated.  New owners must keep address and phone number current with Breeder. Legal actions will be taken to return puppy to Breeder if reports of neglect are indicated.  It is our sincere desire to find Forever Homes for our puppies.  Do not take ownership of a puppy lightly, if you are not prepared to care for this puppy for his entire lifetime (10-15 years) then do not adopt one of our puppies.  We do understand that there are situations that cannot be helped or foreseen.  If for ANY reason the new owners can no longer keep the puppy they MUST notify Breeder immediately and the puppy must be returned to the Breeder and no refund will be given.  You may not resale a puppy you buy from us without our permission.  Under no circumstance is a Heidenröslein German Shepherd puppy ever to be taken to the Humane Society or turned over to a Rescue Organization.  Humane Societies and Rescue Organizations are for unwanted puppies - no Heidenröslein German Shepherd puppy is ever unwanted.  We can take back any puppy that we produce or sell with no refund.  Legal action will be taken against the Purchaser if you do not contact us to allow us to make arrangements to have the puppy returned to us.  This transaction is non-refundable except for the possible health conditions outlined in this contract.  By signing this contract, you are accepting that responsibility.

New Owner:  _______________________________________________________________________

Co-Owner:    _______________________________________________________________________

Breeder:       _______________________________________________________________________